Mum - Life Is Wildly Improbable


Angela Brouskou
Mum - Life Is Wildly Improbable
2011, November 23 - December 4 (no performances on Monday & Tuesday) 20:30, Onassis Cultural Centre, Main Stage
Angela Brouskou’s new project was inspired by the diaries of Margarita Karapanou, published as Life is wildly improbable, and by the author’s most recent novel, Mum, which she addressed to her mother, the novelist Margarita Lyberaki. The director follows the thread of the two women’s lives in a dizzying sequence of metamorphoses played out on the cusp of fiction and reality. Bound together by a relationship encompassing love and hate, empathy, antagonism and transcendence, mother and daughter will experience the anguish of being, of art, gender, motherhood, love and death. Video, creatively used, is a core element in the production, as is the music written for it by Monika.