Roberto Zucco (2016)

2016 – Roberto Zucco


Greek Art Theatre


"We live and die quite differently than we would ever like it, without hope of any sort of compensation"


A. Rimbaud


This phrase of Rimbaud meets the unthinkable of our lives, but it can give the answers that we would like in order to understand the unfathomable motives of the killer Roberto Zucco. A normal boy unnecessarily derails and becomes a criminal, while all he wants deep down is to become "transparent."

Who is Roberto Zucco?

The play of Bernard Marie Koltes as a response to the real history of cluster young murderer who killed his parents, an inspector, a child and many others as he confesses in the end ... We watch his brief life as he is wandering in an impersonal and inhospitable city which wonders how a killer looks. Facing with a society which her greatest fear is that she never feels safe even though she loves blood, tears and violence as spectacle. To blood is the only thing in the world that cannot go unnoticed says Roberto Zucco.

The performance uses the means of cinema in order to tell the breakneck and wild path of Roberto Zucco on its way towards the end,

The direction follows Roberto Zucco as we follow one tiger that will be arrested in order to be placed in a zoo.



Translation: Dimitris Dimitriadis

Direction - artistic view - Video: Angela Brouskou

Assistant director - music editor: Stevi Koutsothanasi

Lighting: Stella Kaltsou

Starring: Andreas Antoniades, Parthenopi Bouzouri Angela Brouskou,

Georgianna Dalara, Costas Nikouli, Stratos Tzortzoglou, Antonis Tsiller


Roberto Zucco de Bernard-Marie Koltès - Critique (Nektarios-Georgios Konstantinidis)