Woyzeck (2003)



A plastic sky dominates over Woyzeck's head./ It reflects a vanishing world./ Images invading, like omens of an ineluctable Fate (the thoughts of the moribund)./ Adults playing with children's toys. The children are absent./ Toys imitating the human voice when you squeeze their belly./ "You should love me", they say in their ventriloquist voice./ Woyzeck's plastic sky has no God./ "Don't look at me", says Maria to God and takes off her cheap strass-embroidered dress./ The murder the proof Woyzeck exists./ The song of the dead Maria Kaiti, the song of Woyzeck, the passionate lullaby of Maria accompany the delirium of a world that has lost its meaning./ Man is a "fool"./ Grandma narrates its story.

Director's approach – Is Man again the hope?




...Angela Brouskou knows well that "Woyzeck", one of the most important texts of the global theatre, is a modern, political play and a modern tragedy that narrates the history of humanity and serves as an oracle for its future. And that's the way she approaches it...
Elena Hatziioannou, Ta Nea - 2002