Waiting... (something about hunger) (2005-2006)


Based on SAMUEL BECKETT's play "Waiting for Godot" 


Following a limited number of sold-out performances last season, Theatro Domatiou returns to Bios with performance "Waiting…"(Something about hunger), directed by Angela Brouskou. A performance based on Samuel Beckett's play "Waiting for Godot", which incorporates in its structure recorded texts, video, music, as well as acts in space by four actors.

Last year's "work in progress" evolved and extended in time, preserving, nevertheless, its basic structure and rhythm. Once more, the material's synthesis functions autonomously, based on waiting, as the principal condition, which converses with the status of the spectacle and the experience of the real space and time.

The target of Theatro Domatiou on the occasion of its collaboration with Bios was to meet with the public in an area that is not strictly theatrical. The experiment was a success and as a result there was an exchange of thoughts and acts with led to an open dialogue, constituting at the same time integral part of the theatrical experience.

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...In accordance with Artaud's views for the theatre of cruelty and of the body that, active on the scene, is suffering (and is not just interpreting literature), the director reminded through her actors the power of the basic instincts and feelings, in connection with the power relations we exercise and receive at the frame of interpersonal and social relationships...
Matina Kaltaki, O kosmos tou Ependyti – 2005