Yes (2002)



The last novel of Margarita Karapanou entitled as "Yes" is presented on stage by "Theatro Domatiou" of Angela Brouskou. It is narrative of a calendar character, a deeply existential story that approaches with a daring and experiential style of writing the paradox of the daily life at the modern city. It is a dramatic narration of a woman that sinks into the abyss of depression and obsessions.

The play is acted by two actresses, who interpret the split personality of the heroine.

As soon as Angela Brouskou and Nopi Bouzouri walked in my home, I saw "Yes" moving. I saw Lora crying and laughing, Louka, the doggy, talk, I saw violence and laughter. "Yes" stood up in front of me, in flesh and blood. My home became a theatre scene, my furniture, the setting.\


With Angela and Nopi, I did not worry about the fate of my book. Both of them were very "Yes"... and what wasn't, we got rid of it. I am just as nervous as these two wonderful actress; a nervousness, very "Yes"...
I hope your evening is very "Yes" as well...

Margarita Karapanos

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...Brouskou has won the best because she has directed with an abundance of imagination, disguises and successions the double role, almost with craftiness. She and Bouzouri have made an elaborated and exhaustive game between them which they managed to communicate to the audience. Their complementary/ supplementary interpretation leaded to the violent "harmony" of the result...
Dimitris Tsatsoulis, Imeririsia - 2002