Blasted (2007)



Blasted is a contemporary tragedy that explores the social structures of violence.

Sarah Kane’ s first play ,almost prophetic and more topical than ever, acts as a state of consciousness against the crisis our civilization is through.
How can war violence and brutality be related to the violence that exists in our everyday behavior, in the warm and safe enviroment of our own homes and then bursts into the streets?

Could the molestation of a child or a woman’ s rape affect our lives in the same way a war does?

War transorms present time into an unpredictable field where everything is permitted.

Sitting in front of his TV screen one could wonder whether we are a part of this nightmare or just spectators of this play.

How can we survive in such a cruel world?

Despite all this, Blasted is still a play about hope and love.

“We need to keep on loving and hoping” says Sarah Kane with the voice of her suffering heroes and this voice placed her among the greatest writers of the 20th century.