Medea (1999-2000)




We started off about two years ago guided by the ancient text. Through Prosody we discovered the rhythms that gave us the meters. They influenced us, and became "music", motion to our bodies. We wanted to share the outcome of this work; that is why we preserved the choruses in the original. Instead of becoming an impediment, the language forced us to become clearer.

How will the text find its place inside everyday life and out ego? The solo truth is the body that constantly betrays you. We attempted to instinctively feel the essence of tragedy, experiencing this reality…
The Troupe's fate is wandering and occasionally "pursuit".
Collective experience makes the troupe invulnerable, leads it to transgression; in other words to Performing.

Today, the journey carries on…
For thousands of years now Medea gets through her myth as a value.

We met with her in a moment in time, suspended between what we call "tradition" and a civilization that rests on its ruins…


The performance is dedicated to the memory of the persons we loved the most and still visit us in our dreams…



..."Medea" by Angela Brouskou is a performance without gaps and aesthetic discrepancies, well elaborated on two axis: the presence of Chorus and Medea herself, who even when she does not participate in the act, she haunts with her existence all the rest... An exceptional Medea, full of powers of destruction but also in accordance with the verse of Euripides that talks about the hate of men who have been strongly beloved. Moreover, the interpretation of Parthenopi Bouzouri at the role of nursemaid but mostly at the role of Messenger had been exception. At the last one, she has made to transfer the whole terror and horror of the man that faces, even as a spectator, powers and feelings that exceed the logical and emotional strength of the average man...
Matina Kaltaki, Ependytis - 1999

...Mainly based on the Myth of Medea, the Theatro Domatiou performance lifts off to a contemporary version of the myth aiming to explore the human identity of today's woman. Speaking to the Athens News, the director explains the reasoning behind her approach: "I wanted to emphasize the human side of Medea. Apart from the original myth on the witch from Colchis, Medea may as well be the woman next door"
Athens News - 1999