Sweet Bird of Youth (2016)

2016 - Sweet Bird of Youth2

Theatre Organization Cyprus (THOC)
Chance Wayne, a ruthless and ambitious young man, returns to his hometown, a city in Florida, in the conservative province of the American south, where violence, racism and the law of the fittest rule. Accompanying him in this journey is Alexandra Del Lago, a movie star whose career is on the wane, to whom he offers his services. Two people obsessed with the passing of time, find refuge in each other’s company as they try to deal with their feelings, fears and the panic of an illusory heaven of drugs and alcohol, while hoping to achieve fame and fortune.

Written in 1959, the Sweet Bird of Youth, of the best known and loved works of Tennessee Williams, first ascends the Cyprus Theater Organization. A project for two persons attempting to recreate the elusive life dreamed to have but the unbearable reality stands before them prosgeionontas them abruptly without warning.

Translation: Effie Giannopoulou

Adaptation / Direction: Angela Brouskou

Sets: Angela Brouskou Konstantinos Kounnis

Costumes: Angela Brouskou

Music / Music Teaching: Nalyssa Green

Lighting Design: George Koukoumas

Acoustic Design: Stratos Stamatis

Assistant Director: Marios Constantinou

Starring: Petros Giorkatzis, Achilleas Grammatikopoulos, Vasiliki Dialyna, Dimitris Konstantinidis, Philip Constantine Ntinos Lyras, Joanna Siafkali, Stela Fyrogeni, Niobe Charalambous George Christodoulou, Anna Skordi Dimitris Dimitriou, Sotiris Sotiriou, Kenneth Nnebe