The Wild Blood (2015)

2015 - The Wild Blood

one night in a village of Crete or somewhere else....
Greek Art Theatre

The Wild Blood and The Second Commandment, two plays of Pantelis Prevelakis, in a free – style rendition by Alexandros Kypriotis.

A performance referred to the sense of Paradise and Hell that follows our lives.
When our civilization meets with murder theWild Blood spurts for an insignificant excuse.
Those two dramas of Pantelis Prevelakis are the starting point.
Secrets and Silence. Prohibitions. Bodies on fire. Sin and remorse. Cancelled lives. Characters that suffocate living a restricted life in a organized society which domineers its members.
Extreme sexual fantasies, incest, murders, adulterers, suicides.
On the other side, self – sacrifice, love of God, forgiveness, the salvation of the soul, patriotism. Texts with the title Cresent of Yannis Condrafouris. scattered phrases, aphorisms, songs, lyrics, News, Sites, all these constitutes the language of a society that needs to “get drunk in order to misbehave”. Woman at the centre of attention. Scapegoat. Gods and Demons that make bodies suffer. The diversity which pilloried. The day dawns. The patterns are repeated and Love, as the Great crucifix, is stabbed in front of switched on televisions.
The characters of the performance are meeting each other in a village of Crete or somewhere else where they discourse with their darkest desires.
They are invited to put themselves into the Other’s place through a new reality.



Texts for theater - Crescent: Giannis Kontrafouris

Concept - Dramaturgy - Direction - Costumes - Visual perception: Angela Brouskou
Space scene configuration: Constantine Zamanis
Music: Nalyssa Green
Lighting: Nikos Vlasopoulos
First Assistant Director: Stevi Koutsothanasi
Second assistant director: Christina Papadopoulou
Makeup: Panagiotis Karakasis
Photos: Myrto Apostolidou

Starring: Parthenopi Bouzouri, Constantina Angelopoulou, Diamantis Karanastasis, Vassilis Papageorgiou, Giannis Chartodiplomenos