Wonderland (2010)


Based on "Alice in Wonderland" by LEWIS CARROLL


Alice has grown up but returns to her childhood –she becomes a child– when she enters a monstrous computer screen where she is entrapped in the dark rooms of the internet. She makes circles without any destination looking for specific persons and places she knew in the past.
The world of adults is soon proved to be insane and autocratic to a child that doesn’t pay any attention to rules. The faces are hidden under masks and speak with riddles. The shadow of the photographer-writer follows her and secretly photographs her.

Is he the bad wolf or the good prince? Alice drinks the forbidden drink to see only the things she wants. Through her imagination she is entrapped in wondrous gardens and she’s searching for love and security. But she is alone in these strange places that all remind her of something. The past and the present are one. The return of Alice in Wonderland is her need to learn the truth about herself.

But her world is also a world of entertainment and of shows. People dancing or singing strangely. The expectations that a circus brings about. The images that she dreams are mirrored into their infinite reflections. The real world meets with this magic and mysterious underworld. Alice travels from dark to light.

Special collaboration of a new composer, with his own compositions and arrangements of known songs

Direction-Dramaturgy: Angela Brouskou

Music: Apollon Retzos

Videos: Nikos Pastras

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